The Bard Math Circle is a mathematics enrichment program for upper elementary and middle school students, families, and teachers. We invite students and teachers to the Bard campus as well as traveling to local libraries and schools to promote a partnership between the college and the surrounding community. Activities such as games, puzzles, and problem sets are presented to participants in an enthusiastic and encouraging manner, allowing students, educators, and volunteers to explore mathematics outside of the typical school curriculum. Both creative and hands-on approaches and teamwork are highly encouraged, introducing a stimulating community aspect to a subject often thought to be dull and isolating. The Bard Math Circle bridges the gap between academic and recreational mathematics; critical thinking skills learned here are applicable both at school and in general.

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Contact us: at bardmathcircle@gmail.com if you have any questions about the Bard Math Circle.

Project Director(s):  

Japheth Wood: jwood@bard.edu

Lauren Rose: rose@bard.edu


We acknowledge the following organizations for their support:

The Mathematics Program, the Master of Arts in Teaching Program, the Trustee Leader Scholar Program, and the Center for Civic Engagement of Bard College

The MAA Dolciani Mathematics Enrichment Grant Program

The Kingston Library and the Tivoli Free Library of the Mid-Hudson Library System

The National Security Agency, the National Science Foundation, and the Clowes Foundation via the National Association of Math Circles, a program of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute