Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bard Math Circle Survey - please participate!

Dear Math Circle Participant,
Please help us measure the impact of our math circles by participating in the following math circle survey:

Math Circle Survey:

This survey is being conducted by the National Association of Math Circles (NAMC), a program of the Math Science Research Institute (MSRI) of Berkeley, CA. The Bard Math Circle has received support from NAMC in the form of several mini-grants over the years, which has helped us provide math enrichment programming at no charge. For more details, you can read our annual reports at the bottom of our documents page:
The math circle movement in the US is at a very early stage of development, and mathematicians across the country are sharing math problems, lesson plans, and developing best practices. NAMC and other groups support math circle activities, and seek funding through grants and donations. This survey is intended to quantitatively measure the impact of math circle activities, and this information will be of enormous help in improving programming, and gaining additional funding.

To participate in the survey, your parent or guardian must sign the waiver form on the first page of the survey. It's a little over the top in terms of legalese, but that is standard for high quality surveys designed to collect data for educational studies. Please do participate!

Japheth Wood, PhD
Bard Math Circle