Friday, March 14, 2014

Pi-Ku - Pi Day Haiku!

Bailey Middle School held a Pi-Ku contest, and math teacher Sheila Shaffer reports that they received over 100 entries in two categories:
  • Use of imagery
  • Really about pi/circles/etc

The directions were that it had to be about circles.

And now the winners!

Imagery winner- Indira Delacorte (6th grade)

      Plant stalk blows on sand, forming a circle.  Salt stings my eyes.
      Pi, I think, patterns of delicacy, never repeating.

Circle winner- Kaitlyn  McDowell (6th grade)

      Pi, so fine.
      I thought that it was edible, but I can't eat numbers
      So I ate the piece of paper that I wrote the numbers on.

Congratulations, and Happy Pi Day!