Wednesday, October 23, 2013

AMC 8 Registration Update

We're less than 4 weeks away from the AMC 8 Contest, and here is an update on registration, and some other information.

Total Registration

We now have 54 students registered for the AMC 8. If everyone attended, we'd surpass last year's attendance of 49 students (although we had 71 students register, total).

Grade Levels

Any student 14.5 years of age or younger on the day of the contest and not enrolled in grades 9, 10, 11, or 12 or equivalent is eligible to participate.
We now have:
     22 Eighth graders
     13 Seventh graders
     9 Sixth graders
     9 Fifth graders
     1 Earlier grade

Schools Represented

If there are 10 or more students from a school, they form a section. At the discretion of the Bard Math Circle, we may form additional sections by grouping schools (i.e. by city or county). All the remaining students will also form a section. Certificates are given to the top 3 students in each section.
We now have this many students from the following schools. Tell your classmates, and try to form a full section!
     11 Van Wyck Junior High School
     8 Saugerties Junior High School
     6 Union Vale Middle School
     3 Lagrange Middle School
     2 Fishkill Elementary School
     2 Highland Middle School
     2 St. Mary School, Fishkill
     1 Arlington Middle School
     1 Ascension Holy Trinity
     1 Brinckerhoff Elementary School
     1 Bulkeley Middle School
     1 Gayhead Elementary School
     1 Germantown Central School
     1 Grant D. Morse Elementary School
     1 Hagan Elementary School
     1 Harry L Edson Elementary School
     1 Haviland Middle School, Hyde Park, NY
     1 Linden Avenue Middle School
     1 MC Miller Middle School
     1 Mizzentop Day School
     1 Netherwood Elementary School
     1 Pawling Middle School
     1 Robert E. Bell Middle School
     1 St. Joseph School
     1 Todd Middle School
     1 Vail Farm Elementary School
     1 Wappingers Junior High School


No problems on the contest will require the use of a calculator. However, you may bring rulers, protractors, and erasers. We'll provide #2 pencils and unmarked scratch paper (but you can bring those too).

Information Collected on the Answer Form

Before the exam, you must fill in the following information, so don't forget it!
  1. Last Name
  2. First Name
  3. Middle Initial
  4. Section Letter (we'll announce these later)
  5. Age/date of birth, grade and gender.

Prepare for the AMC 8!

We are hosting a practice class for the AMC8 on Friday, November 8th at 5:00 PM. We will be looking at some example problems and going over some problem-solving strategies. Obviously we can only accomplish a limited amount on a single Friday evening, but if you are interested in preparing for the test this practice session is great.
Space in the class is limited. To request a spot please use the form at this link. Spots will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis. 
You can also check our AMC 8 Page for online resources to prepare.