Tuesday, November 20, 2012

AMC 8 Exams are on their way back

Good Morning,
The AMC 8 exam was last Tuesday, and 48 middle school students gathered at Bard College to face this challenging national exam. We collected the exam booklets at the end of the contest, to help ensure the integrity of the AMC 8. Now that the testing security window is over, the exams are on their way back to the students.
If you took the AMC 8, you should soon receive your exam booklet. If it does not arrive, or if you would like another copy (we have a few extras), we'll bring them to the next math circle meeting at the Kingston Library on Saturday, December 8th, where we'll discuss some of the problems (optional - we'll still have a nice collection of math activities to choose from).
Can't wait for Kingston? The official solutions will soon be published on the AMC Website, but the real fun is on the Art of Problem Solving Forum, where students around the country post and discuss their own solutions.
The AMC graders are hard at work, and as soon as they tell us how we did, we'll share the results here and on our webpage.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!