Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Reel Math Challenge

One of the Bard Math Circle parents sent us this link: The Reel Math Challenge, which is a contest sponsored by MATHCOUNTS. For those who don't know, MATHCOUNTS is a national, middle school level math competition that promotes excellence in math education through problem-solving. More on that later.

The Reel Math Challenge is a team competition, and the goal is to make the best teaching video that explains a solution to one of the 270 problems in the MATHCOUNTS School Handbook. Each team consists of 4 student Team Members and 1 Team Advisor (an adult).

Interested? This could be a great Bard Math Circle activity, but time is running out. Send a friendly email to if you'd like to volunteer to be a Team Advisor, and we'll try to connect you with a team.

Now, more about excellence in math education through problem-solving. Each month we offer an engaging sheet of math problems. Math competitions such as

all publish similar problems. While the Bard Math Circle is not about competition, we value problem-solving as an entry way into learning mathematics. The Reel Math Challenge is one of the fun ways to solving problems in a math circle environment.