Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Math Circle at Exploration School

Exploration School is a summer enrichment program housed at the campuses of St. Mark's School (Junior-- grades 4-7), Wellesley College (Intermediate-- grades 8-9), and Yale University (Senior-- grades 10-12). This summer I had the opportunity to work as an instructor at the Intermediate Program. My ingredients were students with a love of learning, a room to put them, and a bunch of math games and puzzles-- my result was Math Circle! 

The Math Circle at Explo happened 3 times-- each time, there were more kids excited to play SET, solve Rubix cubes, and work on problems. Some students attended in order to try the games, and some students wanted to practice algebra, trigonometry, or even calculus!

An important concept at Exploration School is legacy-- there is an overarching goal to create a safe, unique and exciting space that eager students can come back to summer after summer. Perhaps Math Circle will become a legacy!